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The CEURF School

Uses Critical Holistic Ultrasound for urgent diagnoses and immediate therapeutic decisions in patients presenting with acute respiratory or circulatory failure or cardiac arrest through the application of three really fast protocols:


Image by Johny Georgiadis
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CEURF uses

the simplicity to a maximum grade without compromise to the security of the patient. We use a simple ultrasound machine (1982 technology, gray-scale without Doppler), a universal microconvex long range probe and a patented gel - Echolight® - to construct a visual medicine.

CEURF has demonstrated since first use in 1985 that ultrasound is a real bedside gold standard in the critically ill

Welcome to the future, using the tools of ever!!!

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President of CEURF

Medical Intensive Care Unit

Hospital Ambroise-Paré

Boulogne (Paris-Ouest university)

Paris - France

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