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The logo of our training center, the Cercle des Echographistes d’Urgence et de Réanimation Francophones (could be roughly translated as “Circle of Emergency Ultrasound for Resuscitation in Frenchspeaking countries”). Pronounced surf.


The benefits of this nonprofit association are used for spreading simple critical ultrasound development throughout the world. The bat is the only mammal who uses ultrasound, since 55 millions years ago. Apart from the popular dolphin (known for being rather smart), one bird also uses ultrasounds: the gray-rumped swift (the French word for swift is martinet ), a really rare bird, who can fly while sleeping among others and was awarded Bird of the Year in 2003.

For comparison, the bull has no ultrasound equipment for distinguishing the toreador from the cape – a providence for the toreador and the joyful crowd. Some people fear the bat, a nice and useful animal in the vast majority of cases.


The snake in revenge killed many human beings but has been chosen as the symbol of medicine. For more details on this animal who looks like no other, see The CEURF trains English-speaking colleagues but has kept its native label (just consider that the “F” became “foreign”). Small groups profit from a bedside training. The critically ill patient meanwhile profits from comprehensive ultrasound examinations, providing an ethical dimension to the CEURF

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