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Daniel Lichtenstein’s team

All have been of great help for the clinical support surrounding the elaboration of general and lung ultrasound in the critically ill.

Gilbert Mezière, medical intensivist, has worked with Daniel Lichtenstein in Ambroise-Paré from 1991 to 1992, then at Saint-Cloud hospital from 1992 to 1999. He currently develops clinical ultrasound at Fontainebleau’s ICU.

Agnès Gepner has directed the ICU of Saint-Cloud hospital from 1992 to 2000. She took part in most published studies.

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Philippe Biderman has worked with Daniel Lichtenstein at Ambroise Paré’s ICU in 1994, and has developed the technique of general ultrasound at Ihilov Hospital (Tel Aviv).


Ivan Goldstein has worked with Daniel Lichtenstein in the surgical ICU of la Pitié, Paris (director, Jean-Jacques Rouby, department director, Pierre Coriat) from 1997 to 1999.


Nathalie Lascols has created the administrative roots of the CEURF and was President of the CEURF from 2003 to 2005. The whole team is grateful to her major role and commitment in this task.


Olivier Axler is a medical intensivist and cardiologist who worked with Daniel Lichtenstein from 1989 to 1991 at Ambroise-Paré’s ICU. He originated the first international publication on the autonomous use of general ultrasound in the intensive care unit. He now works in Noumea. International regent for the ACCP, he works at the worldwide development of critical ultrasound.

Jean-Paul Courret is an emergency physician in Hospital Lariboisière (Paris). He has worked in the ED of Hospital Ambroise-Paré. He gave to France the opportunity of the first description of pre-hospital ultrasound - that occured since a medical helicopter during the Paris-Dakar rallye (end 1995).


Luca Neri and Enrico Storti are the co-directors of the USCCM (Ultrasound in Critical Care Medicine courses) and have gave to Daniel Lichtenstein the honor of the role of Director.


Luca Neri is President of the WINFOCUS, which promotes the use of ultrasound at a world level.


Paul Mayo is intensivist at the Beth Israel Medical Center (New York), is in close connection with Daniel Lichtenstein, and develops an active program of ultrasound teaching from his institution.

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Philippe Mauriat is director of the pediatric intensive care unit after cardiac surgery of Hospital Necker (Paris). He currently works with Daniel Lichtenstein to the implementation of lung ultrasound in the neonate in the ICU (work under submission).


Antoine Vieillard-Baron works with Daniel Lichtenstein in François Jardin MICU. His critical and analytic mind has played a first line role in the creation and development of a standardized lung ultrasound semiology.


Some precious colleagues from various centers, including Raul Laguarda in Boston, Beth Powell and Jeff Handler in Toronto, Mike Welsh in Indianapolis, and Germán Moreno-Aguilar in Colombia, have efficiently transmitted the holistic spirit of lung ultrasound in the manner of CEURF.


François Jardin, who provided before the others his ICU with an ultrasound unit, opened his service to Daniel Lichtenstein and gave him an appreciable independance, played the essential role in this exciting adventure. He eventually made everything possible.

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